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Dough Boy Pizza is at the center of a multi-billion pizza industry. We are

franchising expanding all over the the U. S. and internationally. With our

proprietary Neapolitan crust and pizza sauce, made right in Atlanta, GA , to

quality toppings and our famous Garlic Butter Parmesan Crust, we’re on a

mission to expand the Smart Pizza Shop movement.

Our crust is made at a central bakery in Naples, Italy, for a consistently

delicious customer experience and simplified in-store operation that is

completely driven by innovative technology right at our counter . Pair it with

quick-cook technology and you get low labor, small footprints, affordable

build-outs, high throughput, and supply chain flexibility.

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We started the Smart Pizza Shop Movement!

Chef Erica Barrett created a pizza powerhouse in 150 sq. ft in Birmingham,

AL She named it her first smart pizza shop because of her calculated formula

for success and heavy use of technology . Dough Boy is quickly growing into

a national brand. We cracked the code to building thriving pizza shops that

are fun, profitable, easy to run and most of all high- quality great tasting


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Ryan Cameron- First Franchisee

The smart kitchen concept by Chef Erica is ahead of its time . The opportunity to create a separate stream of income was a no brainer !

Franchise A Smart Restaurant of the Future

Investment Requirements

Liquid Capital  

We recommend having at least $100,000 in liquid capital.


Total Investment 

The total investment necessary to begin operating a Dough Boy Pizza Franchise ranges from $100,500 – $322,200.

Low Royalty Fees  

Benefit from a low $25,000 franchise fee and 8% of Gross sales royalty fee, 1% National Marketing & Promotion Fees.

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Dough Boy Pizza Co. Steps To Ownership

Our Dough Boy Pizza corporate team is devoted to making your path to owning simple and straightforward. If you’re looking to partner with an exciting and innovative concept driven by innovative technology, then your  journey to owning can be completed in these 6 easy steps:  

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